Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Welcome to Hosk's Dynamic Career blog

Who is the Hosk

I'm the marvelous Hosk, I love Microsoft Dynamics CRM
I enjoy creating CRM content for the CRM Community via my CRM blog and Youtube channel.  I regularly tweet interesting CRM articles.

So if you want to read technical CRM content then please go to my other blog or youtube channel shown below.

Many CRM users will have come across my CRM social media offerings

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Why has the Hosk created this blog

This blog is to help myself and other people who are looking to have a successful career in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

There are steps everyone can take to have a successful career from learning plans, technical knowledge, career paths, LinkedIn Profiles, practicing exam questions etc etc.

I enjoy writing about Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Hosk's Dynamic CRM Blog), I also enjoy writing about career stuff (LinkedIn Posts) so I thought I would put them together and offer people to ask for some advice and I and the other readers of the blog can offer advice.

The blog will be provide useful information to help people going for CRM interviews by having a brief understanding about new features and CRM functionality, e.g. if you need to quickly get an idea of what the new functionality does.

I believe people benefit from having a career goal/dream job, the next step is too make a plan to try and achieve that goal.  If you don't have a career aim or are are not constantly trying to move your career forward then you will amble along and maybe get a better job/promotion or maybe not.

I think you can make things happen at work and be proactive

The goal of the blog

The goal of the blog is to encourage people to think about their career in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  I will offer free advice to anyone who asks and will also write articles which will help people in their career in Dynamics CRM

Who is this blog for

The blog is for anyone who is interesting in reading about Microsoft Dynamics Career related information.   A lot of the information will be for my own benefit because it will help me consider my career aims and by explaining

What will be featured on the blog

Information to help people have an understanding of new CRM features and CRM industry news, as well

  • Summary information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 features
  • Major industry news in Microsoft Dynamics CRM industry
  • Articles on career e.g. LinkedIn Profiles, using LinkedIn,
  • Interview questions and understanding what the interview is asking
  • Career advice, discussing what you should learn for different careers e.g. Developer, Consultant, Solution Architect.
  • Answers to readers questions questions from readers of the blog about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Careers
  • Thoughts on career paths
  • Ideas on being productive
  • Things to consider when moving jobs/positions

Why should I listen to career advice from the Hosk

That's a good question and by reading the blog you will be helping yourself and just use it as inspiration to help motivate yourself.

I have experience in working in various different CRM roles (Helpdesk, Developer, Consultant, Technical lead) and I have my opinion on what I think people should do but its all just a way to point you in the right direction and get you to do the real work.

Please Ask Questions

I will give advice to anyone who wants to email me a career related CRM question.

Please email me

I will answer the question and put it on the blog, hopefully other people will add comments

I still don't get it

Why don't you read a few blog posts coming up and it will then become clear and you can decide if you want to keep reading.


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