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Average wages for Dynamics Professionals in CRM 2013 and why you should know them

Nigel Frank are one of the larger CRM recruitment agencies in the Dynamics market place.  They do a yearly survey for people working the Microsoft Dynamics industry.  The survey is created from  17636 Dynamics Professionals in 130 countries and does go into more detail than just salaries so I would recommend downloading the survey results from the link below

Wages in 2013

Below the average wages in 2013 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  I like the way it has been split the data into Junior, Mid and Senior.
crm wages 4
crm wages 5

Why knowing average wages is important

The information above is important because it will firstly see how much you are paid in comparison to the average wages for someone doing a similar role, you need to make sure you are not being underpaid for your hard work.   If you are below the current average then you can take this information into your next review and raise it with your manager.
If you feel you are underpaid  then you could look to move to a company which pays better wages and and get paid more for doing the same job.
Knowing the average wage for your job is if/when you move  jobs, you want to make sure you  get a good wage for the job you are doing, using the list above you will at least know the average wages and what you should be aiming for.  
This point is important if you decide to find a new job using your network or by approaching companies directly.  When you approach companies directly they will ask how much you are currently being paid and what wages you are looking for, if you know the average wages then you know if the wages offered for a new role are reasonable.  

Internal Promotion

When someone gets promoted internally in a company they will often get a pay rise to go with the promotion and the person is very happy.  They have been recognized as doing a great job and promoted to a more senior/different position.
A common scenario is internal pay rises are not as much as external pay rises and after a year of working in the new position they may find they are being underpaid and another company would be willing to pay the industry average wage which could be a big bump.  
If the person wasn't aware of the industry average wages they wouldn't realize they could raise this with their employer or move to a different company

Knowing how much the senior positions is a great way to motivate yourself to working towards a senior position and the senior wages which accompany it.

Money not the key motivator

Money is important but it shouldn't be the driving force for moving jobs because after a few months working in your new role you will be then used to getting paid that amount of money, it will be normal and no longer a motivating factor.  The other factors in the job which will influence your happiness in the role e.g.

Company culture
Career progression\opportunities
Will you be learning/gaining experience in your new role
quality of your work colleges
Company size (Gold Partner)
Project size

Don't become obsessed with salary
If you do a great job, learn more skills and keep building up your experience then you will get better jobs and a bigger salary.

Remember salary is a by product of doing well at work and doing a good job.  There are other factors in moving jobs like networking, profile, reputation/brand, CV's and most importantly have a career goal/plan.

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