Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Career Question - How to move from CRM administrator to technical consultant?

Today's question is about moving from CRM Administrator to a technical consultant


Dear Hosk, 

How are you mate? I actually follow your blog and I had a couple questions for you regarding the crm field. I am currently working for a healthcare firm where I have transitioned to a crm administrator position and have implemented CRM 2011 and 2013. 

I want to move into a technical implementation consultancy position. Yesterday I pass crm 2011 certification for implementation. I also have a SQL certification. What do you recommend as a good path to consultancy? Should I take other crm certs or do you think I would be good to apply for positions? 

Thank you for your assistance! 


btw...I am originally from Solihull, B'ham living in the states.



I will give you my opinion but take into account I am a technical consultant and not a infrastructure/administrator type role. 

Certifications are always good, you learn about CRM and employers really like them. Certified people on average earn more money. 

You can't beat experience. If I were you I would study for another certification and apply for crm jobs. Look to get more experience using crm. 

If you are really keen you should start a blog and wrote articles on things you would be doing in a tech consultant role, you will learn and showcase your skills to potential employers. 



Thanks for your input. I am thinking of following your videos on developing CRM.

How would you start a technical blog without much technical/dev experience. I can write about challenges and fixes that I have come across while installing CRM and IFD. 


There are lots of things you can blog about but 

New functionality in CRM 2013. It's a good way for you to learn and document it for yourself and others. 

You can start a CRM 2013 trial - free for 30 days. 


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